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Project Description
Probably the first "proper" MVC framework for ASP 3.0!

It uses OO JavaScript for Model and Controller logic and XSLT transformation templates for the View.

Main benefits:
  • Lightweight and easy to use, runs on ASP 3.0. It does not reply on complex .NET framework.
  • Configurable using XML configuration file. This provides declarative action, view and database connection management, application logging and security.
  • It uses OO JavaScript with automatic XML serialization. It allows for any object graph to be rendered seamlessly by XSLT templates. No need for parsing or creating XML from scratch.
  • Application can be developed and tested off-line without web server. ASP specific calls can be stubbed out by JavaScript mock objects.
  • Ability to see raw XML generated by the framework. This makes it possible to develop and test XSLT template separately from the rest of the application.
  • Easy to debug. Each code layer role is extremely simple with well defined responsibilities.
  • DAO object generator. It generates database persistent data access objects for your application, speeding up the development and reducing number of bugs.

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